Unknowingly transferring pain & suffering to our childrenšŸ§ 

When we become adults, especially when we become parents, our past experiences of intergenerational trauma, dysfunctional families, and unhealthy chains of abuse can grow strongly to the point of unknowingly harming our children.šŸŒ¹ The good news is that we have the ability, the power to stop those chains, to make the necessary changes in order to give our children and future generations healthier and happier lives… HOW? By taking firm baby stepsšŸ’— the keys to free yourself from a bad past begins when we accept, when we forgive in our hearts, and when we begin without fear to forcefully transform adversity into great opportunities that will lead us to be better humans every day and to feed ourselves with self-love, with wisdom, and with the courage to help others do the same and recover with faith and unconditional love!šŸ’–
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