I just finished watching the documentary of
Cyntoia Brown. I invite all of you to see it and get empowered by her story of abuse, tragedy, intergenerational trauma, having a dysfunctional family, fetal alcohol syndrome, etc…🌍

I was so happy to see how in the end she was not only free from jail, but she was also free from the chains of unhealthy generations, and the words she said to the person who once gave her hope. Cynthoia Brown said “you told me he would free me and he did.” AMEN 🙏

Now after overcoming adversity with courage she is helping many others and is actively praising  God with her actions of unconditional love🫂true freedom comes from Jesus💖

God will always make the impossible possible, all he asks of us is that we open our hearts to him, that we trust him and that we follow his teachings. He understands that we fail, he understands that we make mistakes many times, he just wants us to let him in our hearts, he will always love us unconditionally!!!!🥰

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