Blended Families馃挐

I strongly believe that when there is a divorce, no matter how bad the relationship ended, it should never affect the child, since a divorce is between a couple and not between parents and children.

When a divorce occurs it is difficult for adults but more difficult for the child馃挃 so often what I see in divorces is that children lose more than adults as if the child was being punished for that divorce, and when the father/mother gets married again is sometimes much worse for the child, the child is often used as a weapon to take revenge on the partner, oppressing the child's feelings, and by making decisions on what's the best interests of the adults and not of the child!
I have always believed that a blended family for a child can be the best thing that happens to a child or the worst that happens to a child, it all depends on the parents and the unconditional love that we say we have for them what will show our children how are we going to allow that experience to be for that child as well.

What is really important to us as parents: Do things so that we don't feel ashamed as adults, so that people don't judge us, so that people don't label us? Or do we want what will make my child happy, what will make my child feel safe and loved by all?

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