Why Forgive?

Someone from the past contacted me yesterday and we had a long and very heartfelt conversation and throughout our conversation while crying she asked me "How can you forgive me like this for what I did to you?" I replied that forgiveness reflects the love that God has for us  the ego does not come from God! 🙏 

At night I was thinking about how many people actually pray every day and say the "Our Father" prayer but how they haven't really looked deeply at every word they say in that prayer, and analyzed how they are obeying what they all repeat. 

For me this part "Forgive Our Offenses As We Forgive those who offend us" is clear to me. We all need to wake up to what we repeat without internalizing it with true awareness. 

The forgiveness that we ask God to give us is the same he wants us to give our neighbor, that is why I forgive a thousand times and I am happy making new memories with those who have rectified and with those who have not, forgiveness will make us more closer to God🌹 🙏😘😘  Let's work on that and get empower💪

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