Reflection 💡

Yesterday is in our past, today we are living our present. What do you want to do? What is your barrier to achieve what you want so much? Who put that barrier, a belief or a reality from which you have investigated, analyzed and learned that it is true or not? ⚖

Do not give the power of your present to a belief or a past, do not give the power of your present to some resentment that does not let you be happy, do not give the power of your present to the regret of what you could not do 🌹

Can we forgive? Of course we can forgive!! Forgiveness will be born in our hearts the moment we learn to love ourselves truly and unconditionally, and we begin to truly know and understand what it means to "love unconditionally." Through the love we feel for ourselves, and other's we reflect the love that God taught us with his example, with the same love that he forgives us🙏 we can also forgive, although because we are imperfect humans sometimes it takes us a little more time to forgive.🤝

I invite you to think about this phrase that many of us repeat without realizing the fact that we often 
ask but do not give back "forgive our offenses as we also forgive those who offend us" today we are going to reflect on our beliefs and forgiveness in our lives in order to start working towards braking unhealthy barriers/chains💪 and creating a healthier path for our lives 🫂💖

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