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BEHIND THE CURTAINS." best selling Author status!!! Not only that but #1 in three categories and #1 hot release in all three categories!!

Behind The Courtains

Inside «Behind The Curtains» you will find a little bit of my story from childhood to adulthood. I share moments that impacted me in a negative way and how I was able to overcome by breaking chains of intergenerational trauma, and a dysfunctional family. I discuss how I was able to reframe my thoughts about my life, how we can be more attentive to our children and youth, and how we all have the capacity to be better than what we knew.
This is an intimate and deeply personal account of childhood trauma. While it is heart wrenching at times, this is a true story of overcoming adversity. Joanna’s experiences show us that while trauma can have an encompassing influence on our lives it is not always negative. The human spirit is resilient and can flourish even in the most difficult of conditions. Joanna shows us that having our experiences validated can be empowering, which in turn, allows us to empower others. Living our truth is liberating and this book will hopefully allow others to live theirs.
– Zahra Mohamed MD, FRCPC –
Joanna takes the reader through her raw physical and emotional journey as a child and adult. She lived through a magnitude of struggles fighting against her yet she did not allow these experiences to stop her from flourishing. She offers a unique perspective to empower other women to do the same.
– Caroline Tarkowski, MC, CCC, CYCC –
If there is someone who has inspired me, it is Joanna, because she has taught me that a sister does not have to have your blood, a sister is that person who loves you, and cares for you unconditionally. «Inspiration» to me means Joanna. She is one of the strongest people I have ever met.
– Yenny J Suarez, Financial advisor –

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