About Me


About Me

My name is Joanna Rodriguez. 

I was born in Ecuador in the year 1981. I am the 4th child of 6 siblings.

I was raised in Ecuador from birth to the age of 14. A couple of months before I turned 15 I arrived to Canada where I was reunited with my parents who had been living in Canada since I was 6 years old. I came from Ecuador with my 4 siblings.

The idea of this book came many years ago as I tried to find the strength to talk about my past without shame or fear. However it was hard to open up in a book as in person I had already been labeled a lot. Today I am happy to say that I am finally doing it. I feel empowered and ready to be a voice for many children, youth, and families who might know of someone or are that someone who is going through similar life experiences.


My Mission is for my story to help many children be rescued from abuse, for many youth to be understood instead of judged, for many families to learn to love unconditionally and treat everyone with equal respect and admiration. For people to learn the values of integrity and humanity, and for adults to learn to free themselves from the chains of their pasts.

Joanna Rodriguez
— Joanna Rodriguez

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