Closing Chapters✅ The 🔑 to happiness ❤

Author of “Behind The Curtains.”

I love summer time!!! 🌞 This August 10th I will turn 40 🎂 I feel blessed 🙏 and very proud of my age🥰

I am happy to have closed many chapters in my life, chapters that left me with many life experiences🌹 experiences that made me stronger by the minute💪 gave me many difficult and great life lessons✅ lessons that brought me closer to God🫂 and gave me the strength to start new chapters full of goals 🌍 which include helping many children, youth and adults to live free from abuse, free from intergenerational trauma, dysfunctional families, etc❤

For me the 🔑 to true happiness has to be forgiving without fear, self-love in every situation, giving unconditional love and the most important is trusting 100% in God’s time❤

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